Erosion Control Ground Cover Plants

When considering methods of erosion control for any type of land surface, one must also consider using ground cover plants to complement conventional methods like fiber rolls, gabions, and erosion control blankets. Most hillsides and slopes can especially be made much more stable with ground cover plants. In fact, a properly planted and anchored variety of these plants can stop almost all erosion and hillside movement in a landscape. Plant variety is a necessary and important factor in establishing an erosion control system with ground cover plants because...

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Comprehensive List of Erosion Control Techniques and Methods

ESD In land development, erosion control is important. Aside from preventing water pollution due to runoff and the potential habitat loss of nearby ecosystems, erosion control also staves off soil loss and consequently, property loss. In urban areas, erosion control techniques are primarily concerned with stromwater runoff management, but soil loss due to winds and sloped properties must be considered as well. Here is a list of the most common erosion control methods:

  • Reforestation – This is the method...

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ErosionLab® to Host NASECA-WI in September

NASECA in Rice Lake, 2009American Excelsior Company's ErosionLab® facility, located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, is set to host the North American Stormwater and Erosion Control Association (NASECA) Wisconsin Chapter on September 24, 2015. The afternoon field sessions topics include:

  • Shoreline BMPs, roots, and plant types & review of previously installed BMPs
  • Socks with various materials
  • Know your TRM (WisDOT Class III Products)
  • WisDOT demo ditch checks
  • Engineered soils & infiltration rates
  • Effectiveness of poorly maintained BMPs
  • Design storm event flows
More about NASECA, as well as event registration information, can be found...

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American Excelsior Company’s Earth Science Division Director Elected ECTC Vice Chairman

Jerry BohannonArlington, Texas, 4/15/2015 — Jerry Bohannon, Director of American Excelsior’s Earth Science Division, has been appointed as The Vice Chairman of Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) for the 2015-2016 term. His duties will include working on and supporting the technical and marketing aspects of ECTC, and acting as the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman. Founded in 1992, the ECTC is an industry group of erosion and sediment control product manufacturers with the mission of advancing standards for...

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