Meeting EPA’s New Construction Site Effluent Requirements – 9/10/10 Seminar to be Hosted by American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior Company will be hosting the North American Stormwater & Erosion Control Association's (NASECA's) fall seminar.  The theme for this year's 9/10/10 event is "Meeting EPA's New Construction Site Effluent Requirements."  Morning class room sessions will be followed by hands on demonstrations at American Excelsior Company's ErosionLab in Rice Lake, WI.  More information on the seminar is available from NASECA at :  

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Excelsior Solution for Oil Spill cleanup

American Excelsior has an earth-friendly and practical solution for cleaning up the oil spill as it makes landfall.   Curlex® is our brand name for our excelsior fibers.  Curlex is thin, curled, and barbed biodegradable strands of natural wood.  These wood fibers form a unique interlocking matrix, which provides a series of beneficial properties that aid in removing and trapping petroleum-based products. Videos are temporarily unavailable. Please check back. See Oil Spill Solution in Action (story courtesy of ABC affliliate, WQOW channel 18 Eau Claire, Wi.) View Oil Spill Solution's Technical Information

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Erosion Control Blanket Installation Made Easier!

American Excelsior Company developed the concept of a folded center erosion control blanket (ECB) over 20 years ago.  Every single and double net Curlex® Excelsior, AEC Premier Straw®and AEC Premier Coconut ECB manufactured by American Excelsior Company comes standard with a folded center.  The fold not only aids in faster and easier unrolling, it eliminates the chances of a hard center, which can be difficult to unwind.  

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