AEC Announces New Curlex Roll Sizes

American Excelsior Company Introduces New Roll Sizes on Curlex® Excelsior Blankets Arlington, TX – November 18, 2005 – In response to their distribution network and the contractors that install ECB’s, American Excelsior Company announced a series of new roll sizes designed to better utilize warehouse space, provide standard roll lengths and enhance material utilization by providing an option on roll sizes. To further enhance the installing process; all Curlex products will now be machined stitched to eliminate any un-rolling issues on the construction site. Jerry Bohannon, Director of ESD for American Excelsior Company,...

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Castle Rock, CO Restaurant Goes Topless and Bottomless

NEW RESTAURANT GOES TOPLESS AND BOTTOMLESS! The builders of a new Red Robin Restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado exercised sound sustainable design, and environmentally friendly, development principles when they called for the use of 100% biodegradable temporary erosion control blankets (ECBs) for their project. Normally this specification would be met with blankets constructed with wood excelsior, or straw, or 70% straw/30% coconut blend, or 100% coconut fibers. Such blankets are typically stitched on top only, or top and bottom, with layers of woven jute thread nettings. Compared to traditional plastic nettings, woven nettings have...

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