AEC’s Erosion Control

The Erosion Control Blanket is designed to meet all stormwater management regulations. The product is an ‘easy install’, with detailed installation recommendations. The blanket clings to the seeded soil, protecting seeds from feeding birds. The fabric is biodegradable and the blanket can remain in place for grass cutting. The Erosion Blanket is installed in the same direction water flows. E-Staples, also developed by American Excelsior, help anchor the blanket to the soil. The E-Staple product is environmentally friendly and safe for children, animals, and passersby. American Excelsior is serious about public safety.

Property owners, municipalities and land developers will want to read more about the Erosion Control Blanket. American Excelsior is trusted to provide the very best application for your water flow and erosion control needs. American Excelsior has contributed inventive, practical advancements in the field of Earth Science. They have been called “the most trusted name in erosion control” for over 50 years.

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