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order_nowAmerican Excelsior Company is the inventor of biodegradable erosion control blankets. Developed in the 1960s for large construction and highway projects, Fiberex® now offers QuickGRASS®PRO to retailers and contractors.

Since the recent enactment of Phase II of the Clean Water Act, many municipalities have written Curlex®/QuickGRASS PRO into their building codes. Phase II affects small construction sites of just one acre or greater in size, impacting home builders and contractors.  Curlex is considered the industry standard by many because of the plethora of Curlex Features and Benefits.

  • Complies with storm water management regulations
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Enhances grass seed germination by providing super water retention
  • Protects seeds from birds and the sun’s drying heat
  • Because QuickGRASS PRO is degradable, there is no need to remove it before mowing




Note: Grass seeds not included.

Ask about the new E-Staple® biodegradable stakes, which can be used to anchor the QuickGRASS PRO erosion control blankets and other landscape fabrics.  They are much more environmentally friendly than metal staples.  E-Staples help to minimize the risk of injury to people and equipment.  They have superior holding capability, and water resistant, and do not soften from moisture during storage.

Disclaimer: QuickGRASS PRO is a system for erosion control and re-vegetation on slopes and channels.  American Excelsior Company (AEC) believes that the information contained herein to be reliable and accurate for use in erosion control and re-vegetation applications.  However, since physical conditions vary from job site to job site and even within a given job site, AEC makes no performance guarantees and assumes no obligation or liability for the reliability or accuracy of information contained herein for the results, safety or suitability of using QuickGRASS PRO, or for damages occurring in connection with the installation of any erosion control product whether or not made by AEC or its affiliates, except as separately and specifically made in writing.