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baled-lgBaled excelsior is an all-natural aspen fiber product manufactured from Great Lakes Aspen. The unique, curled fibers with barbed edges give the fibers an interlocking feature that provides uses in many markets and for diverse applications. Excelsior fibers are widely used in construction, filtration, evaporative cooling, casket bedding, packaging, cushioning, display, archery target butts, crafts and many other applications.

The name excelsior originated in America and excelsior has been manufactured in the United States for over a century. In the United States excelsior has no other general name; however, in many other countries, excelsior is commonly known and referred to as wood wool.

#932Baled excelsior fibers are available in over 50 different cut dimensions to meet even the most specialized requirements. Baled excelsior is available in both 75 pound and 55 pound* pony bales in compressed bale form. Special length bales can also be custom ordered. In addition to being an all-natural product, excelsior fibers are 100% biodegradable, safe and easy to work with. Excelsior can also be manufactured in rolls, pads, and many other forms. We purchase aspen from only forest products companies who are members of Sustainable Forestry programs to ensure that the best environmental and forestry management practices are followed. Since Aspen is a self-propagating tree, it renews itself from its own root system, making it a good environmental choice.