AEC Announces New Curlex Roll Sizes

American Excelsior Company Introduces New Roll Sizes on Curlex®
Excelsior Blankets

Arlington, TX – November 18, 2005 – In response to their distribution network and the contractors that install ECB’s, American Excelsior Company announced a series of new roll sizes designed to better utilize warehouse space, provide standard roll lengths and enhance material utilization by providing an option on roll sizes.

To further enhance the installing process; all Curlex products will now be machined stitched to eliminate any un-rolling issues on the construction site.

Jerry Bohannon, Director of ESD for American Excelsior Company, said, “The new roll sizes confirm that we are responsive to the suggestions of our customers. These new standard roll lengths will help reduce labor and material handling on our 4’ and 8’ Curlex blankets, and our new 16’ wide blanket will reduce installation costs on large construction or landfill projects.”

All standard Curlex Blankets will now have a standard length of 101.25’. This will provide a 45 square yard roll of 4’ product weighing only 33 pounds (Curlex I, Natural) with the 8’ rolls being 90 square yards and only weighing 66 pounds.

In addition, the new sizes can be bundled in 9-packs eliminating the need for pallets, thereby reducing stacking heights during warehousing.

This announcement was made in conjunction with American Excelsior’s recent Press Release to announce the opening of two new straw manufacturing facilities next year.

American Excelsior Company has 11 facilities in the U.S. and over 100 distributor partners to serve you. More information is available at

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