American Excelsior Company and Gripple U.S. Join Forces to Provide High-Quality Anchoring Solutions.


American Excelsior Company and Gripple U.S. Join Forces to Provide High-Quality Anchoring Solutions.

Arlington, TX; June 7, 2023 – American Excelsior Company (AEC), an industry leader in erosion control products, is delighted to announce its partnership with Gripple U.S. (Gripple), a global leader in anchoring systems. This collaboration brings together two industry powerhouses to offer an extensive range of top-quality anchoring solutions to various industries, including erosion control, landscaping, and beyond.

Gripple, known for its innovative twist anchors, earth percussion anchors, tree anchoring kits, and other exceptional products, has found a natural complement in AEC’s comprehensive line of rolled erosion control products. By combining forces, the two companies aim to revolutionize the anchoring industry, catering to the evolving needs and challenges faced by customers in today’s unpredictable weather patterns. Gripple products are now available from AEC and all of their distribution partners across North America.

“The partnership between American Excelsior Company and Gripple marks an exciting milestone for both organizations,” said Kurt Kelsey, Director of Earth Science Division at AEC. “We are thrilled to offer our valued customers cutting-edge anchoring solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. With Gripple’s expertise and our commitment to innovation, we are confident in delivering unrivaled products that will redefine industry expectations.”

As leaders in their respective markets, both AEC and Gripple bring a wealth of experience, technical know-how, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. By leveraging their combined strengths, the partnership seeks to enhance the product offerings, expand market reach, and deliver unparalleled value to clients worldwide.

Gripple’s range of anchoring solutions seamlessly integrates with AEC’s rolled erosion control products, providing customers with a comprehensive and reliable system to combat erosion, secure trees, and meet a diverse range of anchoring requirements. This synergy ensures that customers can access a one-stop-shop for their erosion control and anchoring needs, simplifying their procurement process and saving valuable time and resources.

For more information about the partnership between American Excelsior Company and Gripple, and to explore their comprehensive range of anchoring solutions, please contact either company.

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American Excelsior Company (AEC) is a leading provider of erosion control products, offering a wide range of solutions designed to protect the environment and prevent soil erosion. With 135 years of experience and a commitment to innovation, AEC continues to deliver high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

About Gripple U.S.:
Gripple is a global leader in anchoring systems, offering innovative solutions for a variety of industries. With a focus on delivering top-quality products, Gripple has built a reputation for excellence, providing customers with reliable and high-performing anchoring solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

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