Curlex® Excelsior Blanket Production in Full Swing

Arlington, Texas, 4/11/18 — Rumors continue in the industry that excelsior (Curlex®) erosion control blankets are not available due to a fire last year. This is NOT TRUE.

While the fire at another excelsior company did cause their production of excelsior blankets to stop, this in no way affected production at American Excelsior Company.

American Excelsior Company, the leading producer of excelsior blankets, has stepped up to the plate by adding resources to help fill in the gap to assure that the erosion market still has product available to meet those specifications calling for excelsior, Curlex®, or simply to those who want to use the best-rolled erosion control material to protect the soils on their project.

American Excelsior Company, is the largest producer of excelsior erosion blankets and sediment devices, and we are still operating at a high level from our three manufacturing facilities. The availability of both Curlex® blankets and sediment devices remains consistent.

If your project calls for excelsior erosion and sediment control products, please contact American Excelsior Company at 800-777-SOIL (7645). We are more than happy to direct you to the closest source of supply. With hundreds of stocking partners, you will not have to go far to find Curlex® excelsior products.

More information about American Excelsior Company and their products can be obtained by visiting, or contacting Kurt Kelsey, ESD Division Director, by calling 800-777-SOIL (7645) or via email at