Kurt Kelsey Named ASTM International Chairman of Subcommittee D18.25

Arlington, Texas, 5/1/2016 — Director of Technical Services for American Excelsior Company, Kurt Kelsey, was recently named Chairman of Subcommittee D18.25 on Erosion and Sediment Control Technology for ASTM International. This Chairmanship comes with a two-year term, with a potential for re-appointment.

Jerry Bohannon, Earth Sciences Division Director for American Excelsior Company, said, “This is a great honor for our company, as it confirms our commitment to the industry. With this appointment, we can help ensure that proper testing and performance measures are validated, allowing the industry to verify if tested products meet or exceed their reported claims.”

About ASTM International

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About American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior Company is a national manufacturer of erosion and sediment control products with such brand names as Curlex®, which is widely specified by Federal, State, and local agencies.

More information about American Excelsior Company and their products can be obtained by visiting www.Curlex.com, or contacting Ken Starrett, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, by calling (800) 777-SOIL (7645), or via email at kstarrett@americanexcelsior.com.