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Recyclex – the first permanent turf reinforcement mat (TRM) with fibers made from 100% recycled post-consumer goods – ”green or brown bottles”.

That is right, there are approximately 18 bottles in every pound of Recyclex TRMs.  American Excelsior Company invented the first biodegradable blanket, Curlex®, and we have done the same with recycled fibers to create Recyclex. Not only is Recyclex environmentally responsible, but it is also designed to meet your most difficult erosion control challenges. For long-term permanent erosion control, Recyclex is the answer.

Material Characteristics

recyclex_3Recyclex is made with fibers derived from 100% post-consumer recycled materials with 80% or more 5 inches in length or greater. The fibers are crimped to allow a strong, curled, interlocking fiber matrix. Sound familiar to Curlex excelsior fibers? Absolutely! Just as Curlex fibers have been the most successful biodegradable matrix since we invented erosion control blankets, we applied the same concept to our permanent Recyclex TRM. Our crimped fibers conform to terrain details and train water flow to follow the Recyclex curled fiber matrix. In turn, water flow velocity is reduced. Recyclex fibers have a specific gravity of greater than one, meaning the matrix will not float in a hydraulic event. Recyclex fibers are stitched together by two strong layers of UV-resistant polypropylene netting to form a three-dimensional matrix that is designed to provide permanent surface support for vegetation and structural root systems. Recyclex can be installed as an erosion control blanket by placing it over grass seed and topsoil or it can be soil-filled and seeded to allow a structural root system to grow directly into the permanent turf reinforcement matting. Recyclex is available in aesthetically pleasing green or earth-tone brown.

Recyclex Products Do Not Float

Surprisingly, several TRMs available today float in water.  Floating TRMs allow water under the TRM between anchoring devices during hydraulic flows, which leads to erosion.  Intimate contact with the subgrade is critical to successful erosion control applications that use TRMs.  Would you rather have your TRM floating or intimately contacting the subgrade during hydraulic events?  Recyclex products have been engineered so they do not float in water.  Watch this video demonstration to see how easy it is to verify if a TRM floats or sinks.

Recyclex TRM-V

The newest member of the Recyclex TRM family is Recyclex TRM-V.  Recyclex TRM-V was engineered to provide a solution for low to medium flow channels and slopes that require permanent vegetation reinforcement.  Recyclex TRM-V retains many of the same great properties of Recyclex TRM.  Recyclex TRM-V Material Specifications

Performance Capabilities

Recyclex is arguably the most researched and tested erosion or sediment control product ever.

Recyclex TechNote


Recyclex TRM Shear Stress Rating: 480+ Pa (10+ lb/ft2)
Recyclex TRM-V Shear Stress Rating: 384+ Pa (8+ lb/ft2)

Watch an ASTM D6460 Vegetated Recyclex Test
Watch Recyclex TRM-V Versus a High Flow in a Channel


Steepness: Unlimited gradient, but relative to geotechnical review







Typical Applications

Recyclex TRM’s are designed to allow revegetation and provide permanent protection in areas of concentrated flow:

  • Ditch bottoms, channel bottoms, swales & slopes
  • Steep reinforced slope veneers
  • Landfill down chutes & let down structures
  • Pond, small lake, and stream bank shoreline stabilization
  • Urban Stormwater drainage channels & waterways
  • Concentrated flow areas as a TRM component with Curlex® Sediment Logs®
  • Typical Rip Rap or Hard Armor applications

Recyclex Case Studies

Reclaiming Mines With Recycled Materials – Recyclex TRM

Pikes Peak Highway Corridor – Recyclex TRM 

South Bend Recycles New Channel – Recyclex TRM-V

Suggested Specifications

Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM)


Recyclex TRM is a unique, patent-pending permanent, turf reinforcement mat (TRM) with fibers from 100% recycled, post-consumer goods – ”green or brown bottles.”


recyclex_4TRM shall be manufactured with recycled fibers approximately 5” in length, crimped, and curled to allow fiber interlocking, which is critical to a strong matrix. The fibers shall be encased between two layers of heavy UV stabilized polypropylene netting, and stitched top to bottom to form a three-dimensional matrix. The unique recycled polyester fibers have a memory of 95% of their original crimp after load or hydraulic events. The fibers shall have a specific gravity of greater than one, which means they will not float in a hydraulic application, unlike other polypropylene fibers.

recyclex_5 Its three-dimensional matrix is specifically designed to provide permanent surface support and/or structural support for vegetation root systems. Therefore, it is a TRM or turf reinforcement matrix in blanket form. Typically, it is installed as a soil-filled and seeded TRM that allows the germination of vegetation above and provides a permanent structural matrix for the root system to grow into. In addition, it may be installed as a ”stand-alone” erosion control blanket (ECB) over the top of soil and seed, which allows vegetation to grow up through its permanent matrix.

Typical Recyclex TRM physical (index) properties

Index Property Test Method Value
Mass Per Unit Area ASTM D 6566 .63 lb/yd2 (342 kg/m2)
Thickness ASTM D 6525 .37 in (9.4 mm)
Light Penetration ECTC Guidelines 55%
Resiliency ASTM D 6524 85%
MD Tensile Strength Max ASTM D 6818 387.6 lb/ft (5.7 kN/m)
TD Tensile Strength Max ASTM D 6818 340.8 lb/ft (5.0 kN/m)
MD Elongation ASTM D 6818 21.2%
TD Elongation ASTM D 6818 20.3%
Ultraviolet Stability ASTM D 4355 (1,000 hr) 90% (min.)
Fiber Memory WLM-TM RC-17 95%
Specific Gravity  ASTM D 792 1.28
Porosity  Calculated 97.6%

Typical Recyclex TRM-V physical (index) properties

Index Property Test Method Value
Mass Per Unit Area ASTM D 6566 .50 lb/yd2 (271 kg/m2)
Thickness ASTM D 6525 .29 in (7.5 mm)
Light Penetration ECTC Guidelines 57%
Resiliency ASTM D 1777/ECTC 86%
MD Tensile Strength Max ASTM D 6818 295.2 lb/ft (4.3 kN/m)
TD Tensile Strength Max ASTM D 6818 194.4 lb/ft (2.9 kN/m)
MD Elongation ASTM D 6818 32.2%
TD Elongation ASTM D 6818 40.8%
Ultraviolet Stability ASTM D 4355 (1,000 hr) 80% (min.)
Fiber Memory WLM-TM RC-17 95%
Specific Gravity  ASTM D 792 1.21
 Porosity Calculated 97.5%

Recyclex TRM Roll Properties

Width: 8.0 ft (2.4 m) or 16.0 ft (4.9 m)
Length: 90.0 ft (27.4 m)
Area: 80.0 yd2 (66.9 m2) or 160.0 yd2 (133.8 m2)
Weight: 50.0 lb (22.7 kg) or 100.0 lb (45.4 kg)
Color: Green or Brown

Recyclex TRM-V Roll Properties

 Width: 8.0 ft (2.4 m) or 16.0 ft (4.9 m)
 Length:  112.5 ft (34.3 m)
 Area: 100.0 yd2 (83.6 m2) or 200.0 yd2 (167.2 m2)
 Weight: 50.0 lb (22.7 kg) or 100.0 lb (45.4 kg)
 Color:  Green or Brown

Manning’s n

Unvegetated .035-.040
 Vegetated Consult SCS Vegetal Curve

Technical Support

Visit our Technical Support Library to view all Technical Support Documents by clicking on Technical Support at the top of any page or please Contact Us if you have further questions.

Disclaimer: Recyclex TRM & Recyclex TRM-V are systems for erosion control and revegetation on slopes and in channels. American Excelsior Company (AEC) believes that the information contained herein to be reliable and accurate for use in erosion control and revegetation applications.  However, since physical conditions vary from job site to job site and even within a given job site, AEC makes no performance guarantees and assumes no obligation or liability for the reliability or accuracy of the information contained herein for the results, safety, or suitability of using Recyclex TRM or Recyclex TRM-V, or for damages occurring in connection with the installation of any erosion control product whether or not made by AEC or its affiliates, except as separately and specifically made in writing. These guidelines are subject to change without notice.