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American Excelsior’s banded 2 bale target is designed to provide a 34” x 32” face with 18” of highly compressed Excelsior for stopping power…even for penetrating carbon arrows.
High Compression

  • Stops like no other target*PowerStop_1-2-3Bales
  • Choice of three target bale sizes
  • Standard 2 bale banded target
  • Optional 3 bale banded target
  • Single bale
Heavy Construction

  • Deters theft if left outdoors year-round
All-Around UsePowerStopTarget2014

  • Great for commercial ranges
  • Club ranges
  • Backyard use
Fiber Expansion Remember, excelsior fibers can be dampened after long use, which causes the fibers to expand and bring the unit back to its original strength.

For more information about Curlex Power-Stop archery targets, visit the Power-Stop Archery Targets website call toll-free: (866) 934-2377.

*Not for use with broadhead arrows