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In today’s economy, it is important for all of us to protect our environment and lessen our dependency on oil and other products that are volatile in the marketplace.

Here at American Excelsior Company, we have been manufacturing environmentally-friendly products even before other companies began focusing on the same issues. We never lost sight of the importance of ”green” products. We were the first company to introduce starch-based foams in the late 1980’s, and today we are introducing Earth-Cell, which is a bio-based foam that is an alternative to petroleum-based polyurethane foams.


We have worked closely with our raw material suppliers, as we know it is important to our customers to have a ”green” flexible foam. Using earth-friendly foams gives our customers the performance they expect on their finished product, but without adding cost. With our Earth-Cell product, we can provide earth-friendly products whose performance characteristics are superior to other foams due to improved ”cell” integrity.

Earth-Cell foams contain renewable based bio-polyol. This helps reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, reduces energy demand and creates a smaller environmental footprint. In addition, these hybrid foams are manufactured without harmful CFCs, and do not use alternative blowing agents.

Our Earth-Cell option is available for many of our flexible urethane foams. This allows us to incorporate bio-renewable polyols, such as soy, in the manufacturing of our product. While the amount of bio-based additives can vary by foam formulation, each and every drop of petroleum can make a difference to lessen our country’s petroleum consumption. You can be a part of this by requesting Earth-Cell for your flexible foam needs.

Whether your application includes cushioning, seating, protection or comfort, American Excelsior can now offer you and your customers the Earth-Cell option with a ”green footprint.” If you would like to learn more about Earth-Cell, contact your local American Excelsior Sales Representative, or call 1-800-326-FOAM.