Curlex® Septic Blankets

Do-It-Yourself Natural Winter Protection for Your Septic Field

Protect your investment with Curlex Septic Blankets. They are made in Northern Wisconsin by a company that knows what it takes to protect septic fields from frigid Northern winters. Curlex Septic Blankets are made from natural, sustainably harvested, Great Lakes Aspen. The unique fibers are stitched to netting on the top and the bottom sides. Curlex Septic Blankets provide winter protection against frost penetration without the use of plastic tarps which can kill vegetation and prevent natural moisture flow. Simply unroll Curlex Septic Blankets before the first frost and roll them up when the thaw starts. Curlex Septic Blankets can be disposed of with no negative environmental impact.

Material Characteristics

Each layer of Curlex Septic Blanket provides an R Factor of 2.2 according to ASTM C518-10 install multiple layers if a higher insulating value is desired). Two roll sizes of Curlex Septic Blankets are available to meet your installation requirements. No special installation tools are required. Curlex Septic Blankets are anchored with sod staples or similar devices in a “five of diamond” pattern at a density of 1 staple/yd2.

Typical Rolls Sizes
 Width: 4.0 ft (1.2 m) 8.0 ft (2.4 m)
 Length: 100.0 ft (30.5 m) 50.0 ft (15.2 m)
 Area: 44.4 yd2 (37.1 m2) 44.4 yd2 (37.1 m2)
 Weight: 71.9 lb (32.6 kg) 71.9 lb (32.7 kg)


Physical Properties  
Fiber: Great Lakes Aspen Excelsior (naturally seed-free); Curled, interlocking with barbed edges
Fiber Size: 80% of fibers a minimum of 6” (15.2 cm) long; 0.038” ± 0.008” wide x 0.018” ± 0.003” thick (0.97 mm ± 0.20 mm wide x 0.46 mm ± 0.08 mm thick)
Fiber Color: Natural Aspen or Colored Green
 Weighta: 1.62 lb/yd2 (0.88 kg/m2) ± 10%
Thread and Net Material: Polypropylene
Net Configuration: Top and bottom

aWeight is based on a dry fiber weight basis at the time of manufacture. Baseline moisture content of Great Lakes Aspen excelsior is 22%.


Disclaimer: Curlex Septic Safe Blankets are a system for providing winter protection of septic fields. American Excelsior Company (AEC) believes that the information contained herein to be reliable and accurate for use in winter protection applications. However, since physical conditions vary from job site to job site and even within a given job site, AEC makes no performance guarantees and assumes no obligation or liability for the reliability or accuracy of the information contained herein for the results, safety, or suitability of using Curlex Septic Safe Blankets, or for damages occurring in connection with the installation of any erosion control product whether or not made by AEC or its affiliates, except as separately made in writing.