American Excelsior supplies excelsior wood fiber products to serve diverse markets and applications. From baled excelsior to Aspen animal bedding to evaporative cooler pads, wood excelsior products have an almost endless list of applications. We offer more than 50 different cuts of excelsior fibers to meet even the most specialized applications.

WDyedExcelsior_2015e use Great Lakes all-natural aspen as a wood source for all of our wood excelsior products. We purchase aspen from only forest products companies that are members of the Sustainable Forestry Initiatives program. This ensures that the best environmental and forestry management practices are followed. We are proud of our environmental stewardship commitment.

Fiberex® is the industry leader in supplying quality excelsior products to gift AmericanMossWreath_mediumbasket suppliers, floral wholesalers, craft suppliers, and retail outlets with both natural and American Moss dyed excelsior products in a rainbow of vibrant colors. Fiberex provides a wide variety of products ranging from boxed excelsior, baled excelsior, to specialized packaging for retail outlets. Excelsior is 100% biodegradable, safe and easy to work with. It is a favorite when used for wreaths, garlands, fruit and gift boxes or baskets. Excelsior fibers may be shaped, sized, glued, molded, matted or woven to fit many decorative applications.

Aspen Bed™ is a premium small animal contact bedding product that is used by many leading AspenBedlaboratories, science centers, reptiles, breeding farms, and pet centers. It provides superior nesting for small animals who like to burrow or nest. As Aspen Bed is odorless, virtually dust free, and highly absorbent, it provides animals with a healthier environment. Aspen Bed is not a by-product of some other manufacturing process. It is made from all natural aspen specifically for use as contact bedding material. Also, in the poultry industry, our excelsior poultry and nest pads have been used for many decades by leading poultry and egg producers.

Untitled-1In the packaging industry, wood excelsior is an ideal product to use to protect and cushion larger, heavier, or more irregularly shaped products such as heavy parts or statuary products. The unique, curled excelsior fibers have a barbing feature which enables the fibers to interlock which provides excellent packing and packaged cushioning capabilities not found with other types of packaging materials and is biodegradable making it an environmentally safe product. For protecting smaller and lighter fragile products such as china, glassware, and pottery products, our Curlex® packaging pads feature excelsior fibers encapsulated in paper for natural cushioning.

Wood excelsior fibers are also widely used as a filtration medium ranging from filtering oil in combustion engines, oil field filtering and vinegar filtration. The interlocking, barbing features of the fibers combined with low moisture content from air curing results in highly absorbent fibers capable of filtering without any artificial additives. In the construction industry, excelsior is also used in tunneling and pipe installations to help fill void areas.

powerstopFor the sports person and outdoors enthusiast, Curlex® Power-StopTM excelsior banded archery targets have long been recognized as a leading archery target backstop. Highly compressed excelsior provides superior stopping power even for high powered arrows. Curlex Power-Stop targets are durable, can be left outside year-round, are available in several different sizes and are made of heavy construction to deter theft. They are ideal for commercial or club ranges, and for backyard use.

WineBottle_ExcelsiorOther applications for wood excelsior fiber products include applications for ceiling boards, taxidermy, burn blocks at fire training schools, concrete extender, oil booms, pipeline padding and snake bedding. The application list is nearly endless.

We invite you to browse our wood fiber site to learn more about our products and contact us at sales@americanexcelsior.com. If you would like to call us about Fiberex products please use our toll free number, 800-243-3455. For all other wood excelsior fiber products call us at our toll free number, 866-934-2377. Our Customer Care personnel will work with you to select the excelsior product best suited for your application.