Excelsior casket pads are manufactured from all natural Great Lakes aspen excelsior fibers that are fully encased in white scrim tissue paper. As certain religious faiths require that both the casket and everything used internally be natural materials, excelsior casket pads are an ideal casket bedding material to use.

Our highly innovative half length excelsior pad design offers a host of benefits for both the casket manufacturer and the end user, the funeral director. Excelsior casket pads placed end to end in several layers form a consistent, very professional looking casket mattress, and they offer great versatility.

As the excelsior fibers are totally encased in the scrim paper, excelsior casket pads are very neat and clean in appearance. There is no mess or re-arranging that is frequently needed with loose bulk materials. They can be quickly and easily placed in the casket during the production process. This helps to save time. They also provide a clean work environment during installation and help to give a finished, dignified appearance to the interior of any casket. The funeral director can easily rearrange the excelsior casket pads to meet specific requirements or even save extra pads for future use.

Excelsior casket pads are available in several standard sizes. They can also be custom ordered in a wide variety of other lengths and widths. We invite you to contact us at sales@americanexcelsior.com or feel free to call our toll free number, 866-934-2377.