Flexible foams have become the product of choice when it comes to protection cushioning in the athletic/recreational industry, but you need to be selective of that choice since there are so many products on the market all claiming to meet performance standards of some degree. For that reason, you should know and understand what those claims are so you can make the right foam choice for your finished product. With a wide variety of polyurethane, Polyethylene and cross-links foams, we can “design product neutral”, meaning we fit the right foam to the right application. Not try and and fit a particular foam to all applications just because we are limited in our product offering.

In addition to custom fabrication, American Excelsior can also mold, flame-laminate and provide a special process where fabrics are laminated to foam and then compression molded to give you a finished part. In many cases, this unique process can reduce or eliminate sewing or other secondary operations to your finished product.

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