Blue_arm_rest_medium AEC is a recognized leader in flexible vinyl and elastomeric coatings for foam patient positioning, wheel chair seating, physical therapy products. With ongoing patient safety concerns regarding blood borne pathogens and other contaminants, it’s essential that these foam coatings provide a sealed, fluid proof, combustion modified, cleanable surface while offering patient comfort and pressure relief. Products used in radiology applications [x-ray, CT, MRI] also require a radiolucent or “noise free” coating that will not interfere with imaging. Our specialty coatings offer tremendous durability, flexibility and color choice. They can be applied to both our molded and fabricated foams. They provide a sealed, cleanable surface that is fluid and chemical resistant. The protective coatings can also be easily screen printed.  We offer water base urethane and vinyl, non-flammable flexible coating to market and also offer low VOC coating technology.