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American Excelsior understands your need for flexible foam documentation & specifications.  This documentation is being gathered for this new web page.  Until then, for more information please contact a representative in your area.

Material Specifications

Dual Density – Inside the Numbers.pdf  153 kB

Product Descriptions

Amexcoat Product Sheet.pdf  6 MB
Dual Density Medical Mat.pdf  810 kB
Earth-Cell Foam Products Sheet.pdf  1.31 MB
Viscool Sale Sheet.pdf
  224 kB


Amcel Polyethylene Foam SDS.pdf 198 kB
Crosslink Foam SDS.pdf  131 kB
Dual Density Mat SDS 138 kB
Molded Polyurethane Foam SDS.pdf 213 kB
Polypropylene Foam SDS.pdf
  196 kB
Polyurethane Foam SDS.pdf 283 kB