What is excelsior?

Excelsior consists of thin, curled strands of premium-grade all-natural Great Lakes Aspen which have small barbed edges that provide an interlocking feature. Excelsior is highly resilient, which is the ability to readily expand after compression, and is also biodegradable. In the United States, excelsior has no other general name. However, in many other countries, excelsior is commonly known and referred to as wood wool. The combination of resiliency and the interlocking features of the excelsior fibers make excelsior highly suitable for many diverse applications as described on our website.

How is excelsior produced?

Excelsior is cut from logs by using a unique process where the actual thickness of the fiber, as well as the width, can be cut on high-speed equipment at the same time. The process is so unique, we can actually control the width and the thickness down to thousands of an inch. We manufacture excelsior in a compressed bale, rolls, pad, and other forms before being shipped around the world and we currently manufacture excelsior fibers on over 50 different width and thickness combinations to help meet even the most specialized requirements.

Is excelsior environmentally friendly?

Definitely yes! The excelsior fibers consist of all-natural premium-grade Great Lakes Aspen wood fibers which are naturally biodegradable.

Why is baled excelsior so effective when used in archery targets?

Excelsior bales are highly compressed and the interlocking fibers provide superior stopping power, even for penetrating carbon arrows. Curlex® Power-StopTM excelsior banded target bales can be used both outdoors and indoors and are ideal for use in commercial and club ranges as well as backyard use.