Arlington, TX – Sept 21, 2009 – American Excelsior Company has introduced a wide variety of environmentally-friendly flexible foams under the brand name “Earth-Cell”, designed to meet the needs of those manufacturers whose need for being “green” is important to their image, and to the customers they serve.  In addition to being environmentally-friendly, Earth-Cell foams are made from a variety of renewable resources including such products as soy, which helps lessen the dependency on oil based alternatives normally used in the flexible foamsmanufacturing process.

Ken Starrett, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, “We are very excited about the “Earth-Cell” line as it helps to complete our overall image of being an environmentally conscious company. Our other two divisions use excelsior wood fibers as a base component to produce products sold in such markets as erosion and sediment control, packaging, display and many other unique applications. The addition of Earth-Cell to our Flexible Foam Division completes our goal to offer “green” products across all divisions of American Excelsior Company”. In addition to fabricated foams, the Earth-Cell line will also offer a variety of molded urethane foams for use in medical, commercial furniture and many other applications where seating or comfort is required.

American Excelsior has five fabrication plants across the U.S. and supplies flexible foam products to such industries as furniture and seating, packaging, medical, recreational products, automotive, marine and a variety of other applications where seating, comfort or protection is required.


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