Excelsior Wood Wool Used for Sediment Fine Seepage

Arlington, Texas, 8/3/2015 — American Excelsior Company® is offering an all-natural biodegradable alternative seepage media to reduce soil fine slurry around steel ribs or wood lagging in tunneling applications. Made from 100% Aspen fibers, the Curlex® excelsior wood fibers are available in bale form and can be used as needed when small seepage is noticeable.

Tunnel Seepage 1Because Curlex excelsior fibers contain many small barbs on each strand, they interlock with one another. The fibers also have the...

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American Excelsior Company Announces New Curlex® Bloc

American Excelsior Company recently introduced a new high-density rectangular log product for use in shoreline applications and other areas where sediment and erosion concerns exist that warrant a damming product. Curlex Bloc replaces foreign-made products such as coir.  

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Excelsior Solution for Oil Spill cleanup

American Excelsior has an earth-friendly and practical solution for cleaning up the oil spill as it makes landfall.   Curlex® is our brand name for our excelsior fibers.  Curlex is thin, curled, and barbed biodegradable strands of natural wood.  These wood fibers form a unique interlocking matrix, which provides a series of beneficial properties that aid in removing and trapping petroleum-based products. Videos are temporarily unavailable. Please check back. See Oil Spill Solution in Action (story courtesy of ABC affliliate, WQOW channel 18 Eau Claire, Wi.) View Oil Spill Solution's Technical Information

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